Kin Doulas is Leigh Kader, Natasha Dillahunt and Marni Deutsch. We provide non-medical, emotion, physical and informational support to families before, during and immediately following childbirth. We attend births and provide in-home postpartum support in the New York Metropolitan area. Our approach to childbirth and the postpartum period is evidence-based, holistic and realistic. 

A growing body of research shows that doulas make a lasting difference in the emotional, psychological and physical health of a family. Talk to us today about ways we can work together to make your birth and postpartum experience a positive one. 

Our birth doula services include (and are not limited to):

  • Prenatal meetings x 2 (or more/less as required)

  • Continuous support during active labor & birth

  • Postpartum meeting x 1 (or more/less as required)

  • Lending library (pregnancy, birth and baby care books; newborn sling, etc.)

  • Quality resource referrals (information, products or health care providers)

  • 24/7 on-call support during your birth month (phone, text, google hangout, skype, etc)


Multi-Week Childbirth Series OR Condensed Express Class

Leigh Kader leads a comprehensive 5 week series in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, learn more on our Birth Classes page and see what students have to say here

And if you're crunched for time or let your due date creep up, she also offers an express class from time to time...Similar to the 5 week series (excluding breastfeeding+newborn care), the small group mini-series covers all things birth, focusing on promoting normal childbirth physiology, identifying helpful pain coping strategies and explaining common obstetric procedures. 

 To sign up email leighhillkader@gmail.com

Leigh is fantastic! After doing some research on Childbirth Education classes in the neighborhood, was lucky to find Leigh. We took the two-course class and learned so much over the two days. Leigh’s approach is welcoming, knowledgeable, resourceful and engaging. The classes were very informative and felt like an open discussion with a very supportive, experienced new friend. She provides a comfortable space to ask any and all questions and shares information on the good, bad, ugly and after.
— Emelyn O.
Leigh’s approach is evidence-based, not dogmatic, and addresses both the physical and emotional aspects of childbirth, all with a dose of levity and humor. My partner and I just finished the five-week course better informed, more connected to one another (amazing how just dedicating time and energy each week does this), and less terrified about the journey ahead.
— Anna U.
Leigh and Marni

Leigh and Marni

Leigh and Natasha

Leigh and Natasha




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We are proud to be members of the Coalition for Improving Maternity Services (CIMS)