"There are many defining moments in a woman's life, but few carry more weight than the day she is born into motherhood."

Midwife Alliance North America

Kin Doulas is Marni Deutsch and Leigh Kader. We provide non-medical, emotion, physical and informational support to a woman and her family before, during and immediately following childbirth. We attend births and provide in-home postpartum support in the New York Metropolitan area. Our approach to childbirth and the postpartum period is evidence-based, holistic and realistic. 

A growing body of research shows that doulas make a lasting difference with no known risks. Talk to us today about ways we can work together to make your birth and postpartum experience a positive one. 

Our birth doula services include (and are not limited to):

  • Prenatal meetings x 2 (or more/less as required)
  • Continuous support during active labor & birth
  • Postpartum meeting x 1 (or more/less as required)
  • Lending library (pregnancy, birth and baby care books; newborn sling, etc.)
  • Quality resource referrals (information, products or health care providers)
  • 24/7 on-call support during your birth month (phone, text, google hangout, skype, etc)


Leigh Kader leads a 5 week series in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, learn more on our Birth Classes page and see what students have to say here

Leigh’s approach is evidence-based, not dogmatic, and addresses both the physical and emotional aspects of childbirth, all with a dose of levity and humor. My partner and I just finished the five-week course better informed, more connected to one another (amazing how just dedicating time and energy each week does this), and less terrified about the journey ahead.
— Anna U.




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We are proud to be members of the Coalition for Improving Maternity Services (CIMS)