I feel so fortunate and grateful to have had Leigh and Marni as my doulas for the birth of my son, Oscar. Throughout the process—from our first meeting, to home visits, to my labor and the birth itself, and then in the weeks after—I felt completely informed, cared for, and supported. They took time to get to know me and my partner, Justin; helped us develop a birth plan that felt right to us; and gave us the tools and preparation we needed to feel ready when my labor started. At the hospital, Marni was amazing. Having her there made all the difference, and I’m certain that I would not have had the (relatively) easy and extremely happy birth that I did without her.
— May 2017
Working with Marni and Leigh was one of the best decisions my husband and I have ever made. From the moment we met them, our considerable anxiety around our daughter’s birth began to lift. We weren’t sure about our doctor and hospital choice, so they helped us find a better fit. Throughout the pregnancy, they were patient listeners and helpful sounding boards. And when it was time for the birth itself, Leigh was incredible. I had a prolonged early labor that seemed not to be progressing. Then Leigh arrived, and through a combination of emotional and physical support, things snapped into place. My birth was smoother than I ever imagined, and I truly believe Leigh was the reason. We are forever grateful.
— Oct 2016
Leigh and Marni are an incredible team of doulas. They helped my husband and I navigate a tricky birth situation. We had planned a home birth but my husband was out of town on the due date! When I went into labor - Marni showed up early and stayed through the whole birth, ten hours of unmedicated back labor at home without my husband and a hospital transfer after he arrived from the airport in a rush. I was so dependent on Marni (not what I was expecting of myself) and called for her constantly. She held my leg to help me brace through 3+ hours of pushing after 24 hours of labor. We really could not have had this baby without her!
— June 2016
Choosing Leigh and Marni as our doula team was by far the best decision my partner and I made in preparing for childbirth. They have tremendous enthusiasm for the work they do, and they treat each other and their clients with palpable care, respect, and love. Before we met them, we wondered how we could possibly hope to find a person we would like and trust enough to invite them to be present for perhaps the most intimate experience of both our lives; but after our son was born, it seemed impossible to imagine the experience without them.

Marni and Leigh respected and reinforced my bond with my partner at every step and seamlessly inhabited a supportive role that was both unique and indispensable. Throughout my pregnancy and labor, I was consistently impressed by their natural ability to be fully present in each interaction, both authentically themselves and perfectly responsive to our needs. I believe that they were the single most important variable in my experience of childbirth as a empowering, beautiful process and a meaningful and wondrous transition into motherhood. We could not have hoped to find a better combination of knowledge, expertise, humor, awe, and joy than we did in Leigh and Marni.
— June 2016
When we first met Marni and Leigh we knew we had found our doulas ... We just felt comfortable with them and that turned out to be really important. I just remember feeling a renewed sense of calm when Marni joined us on the night I went into labor. I’m glad we had someone with us we could trust who could coach us through the whole experience and feel so lucky that we got to share those first moments of our daughter’s life with Marni.
— May 2016
When I first met Marni and Leigh when they came to my apartment for an initial interview, I didn’t want them to leave. I felt immediately at ease with them and felt my shoulders drop as we eased into getting to know each other. Later, when I went into labor with my first baby I felt again that sense of overwhelming relief at seeing Marni when she arrived at our apartment, and later when Leigh came to the hospital to relieve Marni. My labor was so long that I got to experience both of them as doulas. There are so many things I could say about this amazing duo — that they’re never too preachy, that they really know how to listen, that they will tell you everything you need to know about giving birth, breastfeeding and postpartum care — but I want to focus on their stamina and grace.

Marni stayed by our sides for more than 24 hours. When it was time for me to push, she brought in Leigh so that I could have a fresh coach, full of pep and energy to see me through to the end and help with my recovery and initial breastfeeding. 24 hours plus!!! And through it all, Marni was patient, kind and full of helpful techniques as I labored. There was a moment in my labor that I think back on often where I started to doubt myself and the process. I said the thing I promised myself I wouldn’t say — I told Marni “I can’t do it!” She held my gaze and reassured me that yes, I could and shared with me how we’d work through each contraction together. That moment happened well before I was admitted to the hospital and I really needed it. Because of Marni’s strength, both emotional and physical (as she gave me deep back pressure that I requested with each contraction), I pushed aside my self-doubt. I could do it because Marni said I could and I trusted her completely.

The gift that Marni and Leigh gave our family was not only the healthy and happy birth of our son, but the ability to keep fear and doubt far away. They also let me bond with my husband in a joyful way. I worried I’d get frustrated with him or question his guidance because he’d never done this before, but with Marni and Leigh I got to sweep those issues aside. I could see my husband as a true birth partner, knowing that Marni and Leigh were there to support both of us. Marni and Leigh are the unsung heroes of our new life.
— May 2016
My husband and I weren’t sure if we needed doula care for our birth- after interviewing several doulas, we decided to go with Marni & Leigh’s services. I am so thankful to this day we were lucky enough to met the duo. When our day (or days, in my case) arrived Leigh was more amazing than I could’ve imagined and packed any pain with tremendous defenses. She and my husband worked together to make sure I was totally cared for. I really feel like I couldn’t have been as strong for myself as I was with Leigh’s support. We are so grateful. After my daughters birth, Leigh checked in to make sure I was still strong and answered any lactation questions I had. This ladies are amazing!
— July 2016
It is with out any reservation that I can HIGHLY recommend the doula services provided by Leigh and Marni. They were incredible through out the entire time they were with us. I actually hired them at almost 38 weeks pregnant. !! Things didn’t feel right at the end there with the doula we had been working with and we decided to look for someone else. Marni had helped a good friend of mine deliver at Methodist a few months earlier. I was lucky to find such strong doulas so late in the game. From the moment they took on our pregnancy, we felt better. During the prenatal meetings, both Marni and Leigh were super friendly, warm, so knowledgable, and practical. They asked all the right questions, gave us excellent advice for dealing with early labor, and spent time doing hands on practice with me and my partner. I was also very impressed by the notes they sent after the visits. It was clear they had been listening and paying close attention to what we wanted.

From moment my water broke - Leigh was there. Calm. Funny. Light. The voice of reason. It was my first baby. And we were home. She stayed in touch through out the day and came as soon as I needed her. Leigh was absolutely amazing during my home birth. I have goosebumps all over just thinking about it. Amazing. Goosebumps! So loving and strong and present. My parter tells the story that as soon as Leigh got there, I wanted nothing to do with anybody or anything other than her. He too felt much more confident about the decision to have a home birth once we hired Marni and Leigh. In addition to my doula, I also decided to have a good friend be at our birth. She and Leigh worked like magic together. They’d never met before and were incredibly orchestrated. My midwife told me on day 1 after baby came that I had an “amazing” team of people. Leigh was a huge part of that. She was reassuring, calm, and direct during the painful and scary parts. Compassionate and confident during the tough decisions. And so, so kind during all of the incredibly vulnerable moments. (We spend a lot of time in the bathroom together!)

She came back a few days later and was just as wonderful postpartum. She recounted the birth with me, gave me new mommy tips, shared dozens of pictures with us from the birth, and gushed over Luna. Thanks to her, I never cut Luna’s little fingers with nail clippers! For weeks after the birth, I was texting her with questions. That’s how sincere and credible she and Marni were through out the process. I still send them pictures and it’s 8 months later. They take their job seriously and are loving and professional. I will be forever grateful to them. I didn’t have an easy birth. Things could have turned out very differently. But Leigh helped me to give my baby the time and space she needed to come into this world when she was ready. This team provides a superb service. I can only sing their praises.
— Sept 2015
I have to admit that when my wife first mentioned that she wanted to hire a Doula to help with her labor I was a bit skeptical. I thought we could just wing it and get through the labor on our own. As it turns out, I couldn’t have been more wrong. We were fortunate to meet Leigh at our birthing class and after seeing how knowledgeable and passionate she was about child birth, we decided to work with her and Marni as our doulas.

Both Leigh and Marni spent hours with us in our home discussing my wife’s birthing plan and talking to us about everything from the stages of labor, to coping positions, to what to pack and indulging us as we went through all the crazy “what if” scenarios that were going through our heads. Leading up to labor, Leigh and Marni were both available via text and phone at all hours of the day and night to answer questions and always responded immediately.

My wife had a long labor that started on the Saturday morning of labor day weekend and she didn’t deliver until 1PM on Monday. Leigh sacrificed time with her family on a holiday weekend to be with us. She came to our home in the middle of the night on both Saturday and Sunday to help my wife cope with the contractions. In watching videos of women in labor at our birthing class, it looked like a very hectic and stressful time. As a first time expectant father I was concerned with the pain my wife would have to endure in labor, especially without the use of pain medication. Looking back, my wife’s late labor was just like what I saw in the video, but because of the way Leigh and Marni prepared and coached us, it was not hectic and stressful, it was the most amazing experience of my life. If you are thinking about hiring a doula I highly recommend Leigh and Marni. I felt they went above and beyond to give my wife and I an incredible birthing experience and for that we are forever grateful.
— Sept 2015
I have nothing but the best things to say about these two ladies. I did a lot of Doula phone interviews and a few in-person, and my husband and I immediately connected with Marni & Leigh. This was important for us since they would be part of such a personal experience. We loved how relatable they were and we liked how they were a team. It reassured us that we would be in great hands with either of them and not to worry another birth would get in the way.

We were interested in a doula and their services because I personally wanted a little extra emotional expertise and support and experience during my delivery. I was extremely thrilled with the prenatal visits, labor & delivery support and postnatal visit. They both listened to our needs and we always felt we were on the same page. My husband always felt like he was involved too, which was important because sometimes people misunderstand the role of the doula. We were a team and they guided my husband on tips during prenatal visits. Overall, we felt very prepared and comforted knowing we had Leigh and Marni as our doulas. They are extremely responsive, honest and awesome listeners, (one of the most important traits!). I would highly recommend working with them.
— May 2015
Leigh has training as a childbirth educator, which I thought was a big plus. It was a huge help for my husband when she arrived at our home (while I was in labor) - she immediately helped support me, applying counter pressure and helping me try different positions. At the hospital/birthing center, she continued to be amazing. My labor “stalled” for a little from 7-8 cm, which was REALLY tough, and my baby was turned in a funny position which was making it tougher for me to progress, and Leigh really helped me do different walking techniques and positions to help turn the baby around!

Leigh has supported other births that have not been natural - and this sounds strange, but prior to going into labor, it also made me feel better to know that Leigh would be supportive if I chose to have an epidural. I did not want to have to worry about someone judging me if I did want an epidural partway through, and did not feel that way about Leigh at all - she is completely open and understands that each person’s labor/birth process is unique and very personal. She is really down to earth while super sensitive at the same time. She is so obviously and genuinely interested in the birth process! During our postpartum visit, she was so sincerely enthusiastic to see our baby, and was helpful with lactation support as well. In a nutshell, we had a terrific, very positive experience with her and with our birth.
— Sept 2014
My first meeting with Marni I was 7 months pregnant. She immediately made me feel at ease. We effortlessly had a long conversation about the birth plan. I really didn’t have a plan and just expressed my fears and what I wanted to happen (or NOT happen). She helped me take ownership over what I would like to happen and not feel like I need to just let it happen. Marni guided me to resources that helped me feel better about the birth ahead. She also did not judge me for wanting to have an epidural but gave me honest facts about it as well. My husband’s biggest worry about us having a doula was that it would interfere with our birth experience but Marni immediately assured us it would be ok if we wanted our personal time.

Marni was so helpful during labor - quickly adapting and working amazingly well with my husband. Whether it was getting water or massaging my head. She even took a beautiful photo of my husband and I during labor that makes me teary when I see it. She really helped when my husband needed a rest.. she never stopped being there even if she was quiet. During the end of labor I was really uncomfortable and was getting emotional. Without skipping a beat she grabbed my phone which was chalk full of messages of encouragement from my family and friends.. she began to read them aloud to me next to my bed... Telling me I can do and we can’t wait to meet that baby girl. I will never forgot turning to see Marni’s face when I delivered my beautiful baby girl and seeing Marni cry with joy. She told me when we first met that she thinks every woman deserves a doula. I had the best birth I could have had and I will always be grateful Marni was by my side with my husband on the most life changing day of my life. She has a positive energy and natural maternal instinct- she is truly doing what she was meant to do.
— July 2014